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threat. three big storms, one after the other, about to pound the west coast. >>> and, made in america. do you want to make a difference, creating american jobs? david muir tonight shows us how to do it together for a happy holiday. >> we're in! >> we're in! >>> good evening. right now, millions and millions of americans are lining up to take a chance on a giant dream. a powerball ticket that could be worth more than half a billion dollars. the biggest in its history. the drawing is tonight. and some people have been willing to wait 2 1/2 hours in the long lines in arizona, while coast to coast, tickets are flying across the counters, 130,000 sold every minute. and that adds up to 7 million tickets sold every hour. so, we asked abc's steve osunsami to make his way into the vault where the lottery balls are kept under lock and key and tell us about all the americans hoping tonight is their night. >> reporter: if this is lottery fever -- >> it only takes one. >> that's the winner. >> the boats and the house and the cars. >> reporter: then millions of americans are trying to catch it. buy
on the field. we have given our all to this campaign. >> can they recover? and change with the changing america? what is the world saying tonight? how about wall street? and what did the president do today to help the country heal? now, two american families turn the page. the romneys, pulling together. the obamas starting a new chapter in this white house. and the abc news powerhouse team is everywhere, on this historic day for america. live, from abc's election headquarters, this is a special "world news" with diane sawyer. >> good evening. and it was a day of celebration for president obama and a day of soul-searching for the republican party. and a reality check for a nation, seeking to move forward as a hard-fought election. tonight, your voice has become your vote, and these are the results at this hour. electoral votes. president obama with a decisive victory. and the president also winning the popular vote. and there are two pictures this morning after that say so much about two families, after the long campaign. governor romney, gathered with his family in a hotel room. and president o
obama really won. >>> made in america. would a big corporate giant like sears take your idea and have it made in china? this small town inventor says yes and tries to take them on. >>> and fakeout. what is he doing? was he really pushed? how about him? the crackdown tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with the president. eight days after his re-election energized and diving straight into the headlines. at his first press conference today, he talked about the scandal that took down the head of the cia, the looming fiscal crisis that could raise taxes for everyone on january 1st and then, he came out swinging in defense of one member of his team. and abc's jonathan karl was right there in that room asking questions. jon? >> reporter: diane, this was a confident president today, eager to lay out his agenda for the coming months, but first, he had to face questions on that scandal that has shaken his national security team. in his first comments on the sex scandal that brought down his cia director, the president said petraeus failed to meet his own standards, but he also praised him. >>
pavement hours to go. >> we'll win this election. >> taking back america. >> and we have a new abc news poll, who is ahead tonight? >>> aftershock, thousands in the storm zone trying to stay warm and no power, no heat. even the marines are flying in to help. as a blustery new storm is barreling toward the already battered community. >>> and how will the damage from the superstorm and threat of a new storm change this election? tonight, as americans get ready to vote our abc news political team out in force here and across the battleground states. as "world news" begins tonight. >>> and good evening from our election headquarters in times square, the crossroads of the world and take a look. because this map will be lighting up soon with the results of "your voice, your vote" as it comes in, the voting begins just hours from now. in this room our powerhouse abc news political team will be at their posts for a night of drama and surprises as america gets ready to elect a president. and right now we have a brand-new abc news/"washington post" poll which shows a late game surge for president
was there for the closing. but all the american officials have said, this was egypt's proposal. america spoke to hamas through egypt. israel spoke to hamas through egypt. and president obama in his statement after the cease-fire said that he had urged the israeli prime minister to accept egypt's proposal. they definitely played the major role here in getting hamas to the table. i had an exclusive interview with the head of hamas, he said what they want out of it is a lifting of the siege. that may happen. what israel wants out of it is no more rockets into israel and no more supply of weapons to gaza. they might get that, as well. but of course, we're going to watch. it's fragile. >> and christiane, you heard the word the white house used today, tenuous, late this afternoon. what is your sense on the ground about how strong the truce is? >> reporter: well, it's really early days. it went into effect. everybody in gaza is celebrating, as you've already reported. but people are worried, of course. you know, though, it looks like to some that this could be a turning point. but absent of peace process, da
america today, this is what it looked like already. lines of customers, those carts right there full of presents. tonight, we have two teams on this. first, the unprecedented effort to keep customers safe this year from those scenes that have become all too familiar. abc's john schriffen is live in macy's at midtown manhattan tonight. john, good evening. >> reporter: david, good evening. security is a major concern and police say they are doing all they can to make sure everything goes smoothly once these doors behind me swing open. it's the annual running of the holiday shoppers. and already, things are getting out of hand. mayhem at a california kmart this morning when doors opened at 6:00 a.m. >> push one of my kids, i will stab one of you! >> reporter: exactly the kind of scene stores want to avoid. last year, connecticut police tased this walmart shopper who resisted arrest after cutting ahead of 20 people in line. this fistfight broke out at an h & m in culver city, california. the national retail federation expects up to 147 million people to be shopping this entire holiday we
is the leading candidate. >> if i think that she would be the best person to serve america in the capacity of the state department, then i will nominate her. >> reporter: behind closed doors rice acknowledged that some of what she said about the libya attack was wrong but that the information came directly from the cia. the same is true of condoleezza rice, who passed on incorrect cia information on weapons of mass destruction in iraq but was still overwhelmingly confirmed as secretary of state. susan rice is closer to the president than anybody in his cabinet and has been an overachiever for most of her life, high school valedictorian, basketball star, rhodes scholar rising star in the clinton administration, but she also has a reputation for blunt talk. >> by all accounts she is talented, capable and extremely abrasive. >> reporter: in the 2008 campaign, she ridiculed hillary clinton's foreign policy experience and called john mccain "reckless and confused." if the president does nominate her, those who know her say she is more than up for the fight. although this would be a bruising bat
in america. >>> good evening from the crossroads of the world, pulse of the nation, abc news election headquarters in times square on this historic day for democracy after one of the toughest elections ever, americans are choosing a president. and our great abc news team of analysts and experts have taken their posts eager to tell you would won, how and why throughout this evening. >>> and it is "your voice, your vote." it will be lighting up our maps here at election headquarters. and we also thank you all day long. you have sent us pictures proving how much you care about this vote and we saw you lining up before dawn in virginia, braving lines, rain in florida, children in tow and even guys with surfboards and bare feet as in chicago a woman who went to the polls while in labor then went on to the hospital. >>> talk about the candidates in these last moments, the two men who have been racing to the finish line spent the day proving determination and stamina and abc's white house correspondent jake tapper starts us off in chicago where the president is with his family waiting for re
minister benjamin netanyahu. >> america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that is why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in gaza. the goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security and legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> reporter: the secretary of state now in the eye of this deadly storm with breakneck meetings of all the major players in jerusalem, cairo and gaza. all day rumors of peace flew, so did the rockets and the leaflets. israel dropping thousands of them warning some 200,000 gazans to flee homes that could be bombed, and they fled with mattresses and luggage piled high on donkey carts and rickshaws as israel cratered entire blocks tonight. 1 million palestinians remain in harm's way. and anger soaring in the west bank where palestinians tossed stones protesting the raids, battling israeli troops. we just have to get back into our cab here because we got tear gassed. the clash is spilling over right into the checkpoint here between israel and the west bank.
to work together on america's fiscal crisis. our jonathan karl has been on the phone today to find out what happened. >> reporter: it wasn't the way mitt romney wanted to arrive at the white house. over the gaze of the oval office portrait of abraham lincoln, known for his team of rivals, romney and obama met alone for an hour. by all accounts, much more cordial than their last encounter. >> no, i had a question, and the question was -- >> you want me to answer a question. >> reporter: on the menu, white turkey chili and southwestern grilled chicken salad. and some fence mending. but down the street, on capitol hill, was where the real fireworks were. partisan sniping and a clear sign that talks on averting the so-called fiscal cliff and preventing a big tax hike for everybody are going backwards fast. just listen to the democratic senate leader talking about the speaker of the house today. >> i don't understand his brain, so, you should ask him. >> reporter: president obama and speaker boehner spoke by phone last night in a call sources tell abc news was blunt and unproductive. both m
agenda to america and making sure that we're doing this in a fiscally responsible way. >> reporter: there have been a lot of republican comments, rush limbaugh said -- >> i went to bed last night thinking we've lost the country. >> reporter: we lost the country, we're outnumbered. al cardenas has said, the party has got, these are his words, too old, too white and too male. is that right? >> well, i think what republicans need to learn is how do we speak to all americans? you know, not just the people who look like us and act like us, but how do we speak to all americans? >> the powerful speaker of the house of representatives, john boehner. that was just today and i'm here now with jonathan karl, who has covered the campaign, covers congress for us. what did you hear, jon? >> reporter: he said raising tax rates is unacceptable. let me tell you, there is an entirely different view of that on the other side of the aisle and at the white house. if the president campaigned on one thing, it was raising tax rates on the wealthy. they say any deal that doesn't do that is unacceptable. >>
on the road we are on. we can't change course in america if we keep on attacking each other. we have got to come together and get america on track again. >> reporter: recent polls in florida show the race here in a dead heat. romney's most prominent florida supporter told us it's hard to imagine him getting elected if he doesn't win here. >> i think it's very important to win and obviously difficult to come up with a formula for victory, i'm sure there is one, but let's not even try. let's win florida. >> reporter: just as important for romney is ohio, where he is under fire for ads suggesting u.s. automakers are about to ship jobs to china. >> obama took gm and chrysler into bankruptcy and sold chrysler to italians who are going to build jeeps in china. >> reporter: chrysler and gm angrily denied they are shifting u.s. production to china. and joe biden accused romney of lying and causing panic among autoworkers in ohio. >> thousands of them are calling their uaw reps, "is it true, is it true? is jeep really going to leave? is the announcement they made not true? are they going to shut
increasingly desperate. >> this is america. this is not a third world nation. we need food. we need clothing. >> reporter: as for the woman who was begging officials for help, well, we're happy to say, a red cross truck is on her street tonight with plenty of food and water. the national guard is here, and things are much better, according to the city officials we spoke to. diane? >> thanks so much, cynthia. and i know you'll have more on "nightline" tonight. and we want you to know, "world news" is also going to keep calling to make sure all the promised help did, indeed, arrive. >>> and what about the race to turn on heat and light for more than 4 million people? tens of thousands of workers are out on the job, including those who are rushing in to help from across the country. and abc's ron claiborne reports on their race against time and temperature. >> reporter: it's a massive effort for a massive problem. 64,000 utility workers in a dozen states working around the clock to turn the power on. in remote areas of appalachia and from ohio well into new england, it's a race against time, as
for people that vote before election day. >> so, election day is a moving target. >> yeah. >> now in america. >> exactly. that's one of the things campaigns have to plan, it's no longer one day, it's multiple days. >> well, i know that you'll be joining george stephanopoulos and his political roundtable, his powerhouse team, this sunday on a special election edition of "this week." and mark the date, tuesday night, george and i and the abc news political team will be in our election headquarters, joining you as americans go to the polls to elect a president. >>> and coming up next, the race against time to save a noah's ark of sea creatures. 12,000 otters, sea lions, even a baby walrus. how do you evacuate a shark? that's next. k? that's next. [ female announcer ] want to spend less and retire with more? then don't get nickle and dimed by high cost investments and annoying account fees. at e-trade, our free easy-to-use online tools and experienced retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan. and with our no annual fee iras and a wide range of low cost investments, you can e
day lewis, who grew up in england and ireland, said no. it would be impossible to embody america's most dearly loved president. >> it seemed like such an important thing. last thing i wanted to do was to desecrate the memory of the most dearly loved president of this country. so, it took some time. it took a lot of time and a lot of shyness around. >> but at a meeting last year, spielberg kept seeing lincoln in his face. and so, sneaked out his camera. you snapped a photo of -- >> yeah, i didn't tell him i did that. >> you didn't? >> when did you do that? >> oh, a long time ago. you don't need to know about that. and i just went with my little, like that, so, a hip shot. it was just right off the hip. >> i love the idea of you as paparazzi. >> exactly. exactly. >> and then, there it was, on the screen. lincoln. daunting, monumental, fully human. >> he was awkward to look at, his voice didn't fit his stature. and he would just disarm a room with a crazy story that had no relevance to the issue. >> time is a great thickener of things. >> i suppose it is. actually, i have no idea wh
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to keep my promise and extend the hand of friendship. america now has an ambassador in rangoon. sanctions have been eased, and we will help rebuild an economy that can offer opportunity for its people and serve as an engine of growth for the world. >> reporter: president obama also became the first president to visit cambodia today where he had what was described as a tense meeting about the need to improve human rights there. >>> and back here at home, a homecoming for the woman whose affair with general david petraeus ended his career at the cia. tonight we are seeing new images of paula broadwell with her family, learning new details what she's telling her closest friends and there are new questions about whether she'll face charges. abc senior correspondent pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: this morning scott and paula broadwell slipped out of their north carolina home, children in tow, trying to piece together lives shattered by scandal. as broadwell struggles under the hot glare of reporters stalking her family's every move, she's also the target of late night comics. >> it'
to the people who helped them. nicknamed america's dad, dishing out advice coupled with that trademark sense of humor. >> i did it. i'm sorry and i should be punished. >> we know it, we accept and you will be. >> reporter: we all remember that warning from dad. >> i am your father. i brought you in this world, and i'll take you out. >> reporter: the cosby show breaking barriers at the time, reflecting the truth for many african-american families who, up until that point, hadn't seen a celebrated family portrait quite like that one on television. educated, successful, well off. >> bravo. >> reporter: but if bill cosby's tv family was wealthy and secure, his own childhood was anything but. the oldest of four brothers, growing up on the tough streets of philadelphia. >> there were times when there was only two checks a month. but there were programs for the kids within the housing project. >> reporter: those programs a lifeline for cosby's struggling moment, anna, who tirelessly cleaned houses, trying to make ends meet while his father was away in the navy. >> if you needed a dentist, if you br
cost investments. ♪ because it helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. >>> and finally tonight, on this veterans day monday, a story of courage and the oath that u.s. forces take to protect the country, no matter the cost. even when the odds are stacked against them, even when their comrades have fallen. two and a half years ago, our own senior white house correspondent jake tapper saw the faces of some of these men and knew he had to write their story. and his new book, which comes out tomorrow, is called "the outpost: an untold story of american valor." >> reporter: on october 3rd, 2009, i was at the hospital with my wife and my newborn son. out of the corner of my eye i caught a news story from afghanistan. >> eight soldiers lost their lives. >> reporter: an attack on a remote u.s. military base, combat outpost keating. >> i've been on three deployments, i've never seen that large a force attacking one static position. >> reporter: just 53 americans fought valiantly against up to 400
. but it may just be the changing taste of america that finally kills off the twinkie. and that looming end of an era had twinkie lovers today stockpiling those boxes, leaving store shelves bare and reselling them on ebay for $60 a pop. >> snacks like hostess twinkies. they help your child go and grow. hostess twinkies give your child energy to go on, plus protein to grow on. >> reporter: what hasn't been growing? hostess' bottom line. sales dropped as moms began swapping out those fat-filled goodies and white bread for healthier lunch box foods. but a bitter nationwide workers strike that ended in a stalemate may be the final nail in a cream-filled coffin. the 82-year-old american icon plans to shutter its factory doors and let 18,000 workers go. >> it will be very sad because these brands are iconic. they've been around for decades. >> reporter: but this iconic treat, this is nothing like mom could make. if you think you're going to miss this twinkie -- don't even try to make this at home. there are 37 ingredients in this little cake. many you'd expect. some flour, lots of sugar, corn syr
Search Results 0 to 44 of about 45 (some duplicates have been removed)